Approach to Tap by Joana Serranho

open to all levels

Tap dance




35m 83s

Meet Joana Serranho, tap dancer and teacher from Portugal, in this training plan she will approach fundamentals of tap dance from basic to more advanced and take you through a routine and some improvisation exercises. This plan can benefit a tap dancer or any other dancer curious about this style and how it can improve your own movement and technique. Feel free to put your tap shoes on or just your socks and be prepared to be challenged.

Language: english

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Training Plan

  • 1 - Fundamentals of Tap

    By this first video, Joana will guide you through a warm up, approach rhythm and give you a progression of some fundamentals in tap from basic to more advanced. Get you metronome ready because you will need it.

  • 2 - Routine

    This part is dedicated to a small routine that combines most of the steps approached on the last video. Joana will teach you the sequence on the right side and left side, with some challenges and with music. If you don`t feel comfortable with the learning process of the routine, go back to the last video and practice some more and get back to it.

  • 3 - Strategies for Improvisation

    On this last video of the plan you will start with a resume of the last parts and engage on some exercises and games that will help you with your musicality and improvisation. Use these tools to built on your technique and style and have fun.