Asymmetrical Motion by Lucas Condro

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46m 66s

Lucas Condro is a dancer, choreographer and teacher from Argentina that initiated by 2012 a research work with the aim of developing and systematizing his experience in the pedagogical practice of contemporary dance that he called Asymmetrical Motion. This plan will guide you through it´s principles and methods of pedagogy and movement. You can learn more about it here: Asymmetrical Motion: notes of pedagogy and movement

The plan will be in spanish, the native language of the teacher and with some notes in english on the videos.

Training Plan

  • 1 - The parts and the Whole

    The idea is to experience the possibility of moving each part of the body independently in relation to the others and at the same time perceive all the pieces as one. As one piece affects the other. Independence and correlation.

  • 2 - Structure and Weight

    We use the water bottle to understand how the movement of the water and the movement of the bottle work independently and at the same time they are the inherent to the other.

    In the same way the movement of the weight and the movement of the structure that occurs in the body. In this dynamic relationship of weight and structure there is inertia.

  • 3 - Asymmetries

    In the vertebral column composed by the skull, the scapular waist and the pelvis they give all the natural asymmetries of the torso. These asymmetries serve us for the displacement in space.

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