Capoeira Applied to Dance by Cláudia Nwabasili & Roges Doglas






Cláudia and Roges propose the corporal materials originating from Capoeira regional and angola with the purpose of being used as tools of training, corporal investigation, creation and choreographic composition.

For the transmission and development of the contents they divided the training into four parts:

Part 1:

Warm up and Stretching

Principles of Capoeira

The relationship between movement and music, spatial notions and cardio respiratory training will be explored, followed by the Ginga and the Frontal Strikes.

Part 2:

Transit Between Levels, Variations and Combinations

Movements of capoeira will be proposed that provoke the relationship between the high, medium and low levels.

Part 3:


Introduction to Floreios in capoeira.

Part 4:

From Capoeira to Contemporary Dance

Choreographic sequence that addresses this dialogue between contemporary dance and capoeira.

To know more about Capoeira: Capoeira, Identidade e Género 

Language: Portuguese (Brazil)

Subtitles: English

Training Plan

  • 1 - Principles of Capoeira

    In this first part of the training Cláudia and Roges will introduce the Principles of Capoeira:

    Starting with a warm up and stretching, followed by an introduction to Ginga and introducing the Frontal Strikes of Capoeira.