Improvisation Tools by Duarte Valadares

Open to all levels

​This plan can be applied to all dance styles.




19m : 53s

This plan focuses in giving improvisation tools to enhance the dancer ́s movement vocabulary. It is structured in 3 parts: body mobility, concept of movement and improvisation task with layers.

We advise you to warm up before and stretch after each video and approach the plan according to your level and body condition. Challenge yourself and have fun!

Language: english

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Training Plan

  • 1 - Body mobility - 4 positions

    In this training session you will work on your mobility and enhance your movement options by choosing 4 simple positions to start from.

  • 2 - Concept - “non-monologue”

    The coach recalls a visual and movement concept to allow you to explore and build your dance from it. Explore your creativity and movement.

  • 3 - Non-monologue task with layers

    To end this plan be aware of the concept given before. The coach adds layers, one by one and advises you to explore each one and then combine all of them for your own growth and improvisation vocabulary. Make this plan part of your daily routine of training and have fun!